How to Leverage AI for Football Betting Success

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By Jonathan Lewis | 27th June 2024

Betting has come a long way since its ancient origins. The Romans wagered on chariots and gladiators, English high society bet on horse racing events and jousting, and eventually, gambling houses in Italy became widespread. Today, we can bet on just about any sport right in the palm of our hands, from tennis to boxing, baseball, and golf. With a monumental 3.5 billion people tuning in to soccer games every year, there’s no doubt it’s the world’s most popular sport and, thus, one of the most popular to bet on.

How to Leverage AI for Football Betting Success

How Football Betting Works

Traditionally, bettors had to go to a physical casino, betting shop, or stand to place a bet. You weren’t able to bet around the clock or place a bet in seconds, nor would you have been able to receive your winnings right away. While there are so many regulated sportsbook apps available, you can still bet in person for a distinct experience. Those who aren’t tech-savvy but want to bet and watch the game on a large screen and the opportunity to socialise with clerks and fellow bettors might prefer the traditional brick-and-mortar experience.

Either way, the process involves analysing your betting options, picking something to bet on, and then placing a wager. But it’s not just convenience that has changed with the landscape of betting – it’s the fact that there’s a powerful tool at our disposal now, and that’s artificial intelligence (AI). We might associate AI with medical robot hands or ChatGPT, but the reality is that this technology can play a role in every industry imaginable.

AI in the Context of Football Betting

One of the main characteristics of AI is that it can go through an enormous amount of data. And in the realm of sports, there’s a lot of it. Whether it’s player statistics, game outcomes, or other contextual factors relating to the match, AI can analyse all of it and make more informed predictions and recommendations. That’s in stark contrast to going with your gut feeling or plotting with your friends on a potentially killer parlay.

When you log in to your betting app, AI technology is responsible for dynamically adjusting betting odds as a match goes on. It’s all based on real-time information – such as if a star player gets injured or if one team is winning by a large margin. AI technology is already well-integrated with the backend of sportsbooks, so it only makes sense to utilise that same intelligence for your own betting strategy. With concrete data to back up your bets, you give yourself a better chance of securing a win and having a parlay hit. Just like someone would check out for real money UK slots, AI is something that savvy bettors should leverage to boost their strategy.

Creating a Football Betting Strategy Based on AI

AI can get complicated, but the beauty is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. The best football betting strategies that use AI will consider the broadest and most in-depth range of information possible. Because the outcome of football, and plenty of other sports, hinges on an array of factors – injury, weather, player relationships, head-to-head records, referee decisions, team composition, home and away advantage, and many more – there are so many considerations that go into a bet.

AI-based prediction sites can give you a look into the likelihood of a bet hitting based on data. This data includes the outcomes of past matches that teams have played, predictions, and an overview of the odds on popular betting platforms, among other useful data on team statistics. With that base of information, you can use other AI bots like ChatGPT to find out whether there are trends you can capitalise on or information you can dig up that could impact outcomes. For example, England’s national team might be stacked with fantastic talent, but a punter might not remember or know that they notoriously struggle in penalty shootouts in major tournaments.

These hidden trends and facts are often extremely revealing and impactful for bettors. They disclose potential vulnerabilities and unfortunate patterns that teams can’t seem to break free of, which usually makes sportsbook odds make more sense.

Mixing in Human Judgment

In the first round of the group stages in the most recent 2024 Euro Cup, Slovakia upset Belgium 1-0. With a country ranked 48th in the FIFA rankings going against a third-ranked team, and Belgium boasting star players like Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, it was a real surprise to many when Slovakia’s Ivan Schranz gave them the early lead. And although Georgia was expectedly beaten out 3-1 by Turkey, Georgia was able to score their first-ever goal in a major tournament. Those who might have bet on a blowout by Turkey based on historical data and banking on their Real Madrid Wonder Kid would’ve been taken aback by the result.

What these examples illustrate is that sports are a profoundly human pursuit. AI and sports can mesh to a degree, but you never know if a dodgy slide tackle will cause a season-ending injury or if the team isn’t performing at its peak that day. Sportsbooks don’t know it all – they’re simply supported by a technology contingent on calculated probabilities. And that means they’re unable to predict those unpredictable human elements that make football matches such a dynamic and thrilling spectacle.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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