Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023

Starfield: Peacemaker – Should You Tell Reisha Lance The Eleos Retreat Needs More Security or Guidance?

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Starfield: Peacemaker – Should You Tell Reisha Lance The Eleos Retreat Needs More Security or Guidance?

While completing the quest series centered around The Eleos Retreat in Starfield, players will come across a few different decisions they need to make. Even the conclusion of this questline, Peacemaker, has a choice that feels very impactful.

This choice is made all the more difficult because players are locked into dialogue until they make it. There’s no going away to think about it before coming back to make a choice, so it’s one they need to be comfortable with when they walk away from the situation.

Starfield Peacemaker Decision Guide

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How to Start Peacemaker in Starfield

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To start the Peacemaker quest in Starfield, players must complete the quests linked to The Eleos Retreat. These take players through a story where one of the construction workers has been kidnapped, and players need to find them. Then, they’ll have to confront the people responsible, Trackers, in the Exorcism quest.

Should You Tell Reisha Lance That The Eleos Retreat Needs More Guidance or Security in Starfield

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After completing the Exorcism quest, players will be told by Sloan in The Eleos Retreat that they need to speak to Nevan. He’s heard from one of the company’s benefactors, and they want to know exactly what happened with the Trackers in the previous quest. They need this information so they can go into a meeting with the Trackers Alliance and smooth things over so Trackers never bother The Eleos Retreat again.

Players will travel to Akila City to meet with this benefactor, Reisha Lance, the owner of one of the largest gun manufacturers in Starfield’s universe. She wants players to sit down, and as soon as they do, they’re locked into a conversation with her.

After explaining what happened in the previous quest and going through all the details, Lance asks players if there’s anything that could improve The Eleos Retreat. Players have main options for responding, telling Lance that the company needs more security or outlining how it needs more guidance in leadership because of this incident.

We’ve explained the outcomes of each choice below. Immediately after making the choice, players will receive a new activity to revisit The Eleos Retreat, and their choices have come into effect pretty much instantly.

What Happens if You Tell Reisha Lance The Eleos Retreat Needs More Security in Starfield

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If players tell Reisha Lance that The Eleos Retreat needs more security in Starfield, then players will see that reflected as soon as they return to the location. Greg, the poor guy who was attacked while looking for Killman, has been given permission by Nevan to start his own security force in the player’s absence.

When players speak to Sloan, they’ll hear that Lance has approved everything required to gain additional security and that even more help is on the way. The people of The Eleos Retreat are incredibly grateful for the assistance and thrilled to see the place coming together in safety.

Nevan doesn’t have any additional dialogue for players who speak to him after making this decision. Killman, however, is extremely happy to be working and getting the place built up once more. We noticed that the character called Monika appeared to have had their name changed to Construction Worker and was simply working in The Eleos Retreat.

There could be wider ramifications to this decision that we’ve not seen yet. If we discover anything new related to this quest’s outcome, we’ll add it as soon as we see it.

What Happens if You Tell Reisha Lance The Eleos Retreat Needs More Guidance in Starfield

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If players tell Reisha Lance that The Eleos Retreat needs more guidance in Starfield, then the location changes in the same way as when they tell Lance it needs more security. There’s been approval for more security to come in and help, and Greg is leading the charge on that front for the time being.

We explored this choice as deeply as the first, and we didn’t see much of a difference. This could be due to a larger change coming into effect later in Starfield’s story, but we’ve not encountered anything yet.

The one change that keeps bugging us is the alteration of Monika into Construction Worker. This character seemed to be vital to the location’s story and had a lot of backstory. It’s possible that a new NPC has a similar face type in our version of the game, but to us, it looked like the overall feel was meant to show that everyone is now pitching in to help build The Eleos Retreat.

We’d have liked to see Sloan and Nevan worried about new leadership moving into the location. As we’ve mentioned above, if we see anything new pop up based on this choice, we’ll include it in this guide as soon as we make that discovery.

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