Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Who is co-conspirator 6? We know who they are not.

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Who is co-conspirator 6? We know who they are not.

Since the latest indictment against former President Donald Trump was unsealed on Tuesday, I and countless other journalists have been searching for breadcrumbs to help resolve the biggest mystery to have arisen from these charges: Who is co-conspirator 6?

After all, media outlets including NBC News have identified the five other co-conspirators, but there has yet to be any widespread consensus about the sixth unnamed, uncharged participant in these alleged conspiracies.

I cannot definitively tell you who co-conspirator 6 is. But I can show you who they likely are not.

Not Jason Miller

Instead, in paragraph 25, the indictment quotes from a December 8, 2020, email from a “Senior Campaign Advisor” who was complaining about “conspiracy s— beamed down from the mothership.”

If that turn of phrase sounds familiar to you, you’re hardly alone. Indeed, months ago, The Washington Post revealed that email was sent by senior Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller to a GOP ad guru named Larry Weitzner.

That suggests Miller can’t be co-conspirator 6 because he’s referred to as “Senior Campaign Advisor” in the indictment.

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ
Jason Miller briefs reporters at Trump International Golf Club on November 20, 2016, in Bedminster Township, New Jersey.Drew Angerer / Getty Images, file

Not Mike Roman

Paragraph 64 of the indictment alleges “on December 13, [2020], at a Campaign staffer’s request, Co-Conspirator 5 drafted and sent fraudulent elector certificates for the Defendant’s electors in New Mexico, which had not previously been among the targeted states.”

Within the publicly available documents produced to the House Jan. 6 committee, I located a Dec. 13, 2020, email from pro-Trump attorney Ken Chesebro to then-Trump campaign official Mike Roman attaching those New Mexico documents and reflecting that Roman was the campaign staffer who requested them. That email was produced to the committee by Trump campaign lawyer Josh Findlay, another person copied on the email.

Chesebro is co-conspirator 5, according to NBC News, which would mean Roman is the “Campaign staffer” recognized in that part of the indictment — and therefore, couldn’t be co-conspirator 6.

That we can exclude Miller and Roman is helpful, but obviously, the bigger question is still: If not them, who is co-conspirator 6?

Watch this space.

Lisa Rubin

Lisa Rubin is a former litigator and an MSNBC legal analyst. She is also the off-air legal analyst for “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Alex Wagner Tonight.”

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