Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Tuesday, October 3, 2023

YOURSAY | No protest on M’sia Day, please

by admin
YOURSAY | No protest on M’sia Day, please

YOURSAY | ‘We should be standing as one nation, united, vowing to reach our nation’s aspirations.’

Sept 16 rally to call for Zahid to be charged again

Heaven knows: We have so many political “bumps” in the political arena. All they want to do is bum around and collect their monthly salaries. They are not creative, they have no solutions to change things, and little are they bothered by the welfare of the citizens.

Every other day, there seems to be some protest or court cases on kleptocracy issues. In the last 25 years, five prime ministers have come and gone, what has Malaysia really achieved?

A world-famous country for a big pool of kleptocrats. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has one chance – either put them all away or write them off as bad debts and start on a clean slate.

After all, it’s Malaysia Day today. We should be standing together as one nation and we should vow to reach our nation’s aspirations. There should not be protests in the streets for useless reasons.

The police must stay firm in letting citizens and others into the cities to celebrate Malaysia Day only. Happy Malaysia Day.

Baijebo: All the unthinking Pakatan Harapan supporters, please do not simply divert from the issues and demands made by the Sept 16 rally, which demands that Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi be charged again for alleged corruption. His case in court recently led to a discharged not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA).

Harapan supporters must respond to the demands at the very least. By avoiding the issues raised and instead bringing up other matters (which you may in another forum), you just showed how pathetic and hypocritical Harapan supporters are.

Surely and understandably, Perikatan Nasional will capitalise on this and pressure the government. Harapan and their supporters would do likewise if it had involved a PN politician.

Harapan supporters, don’t you even use former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman and former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s cases to argue as these three cases involved different facts.

I reckon everyone has the right to express their views, including in rallies conducted peacefully. I do not hope that any rally-goers or organisers will be arrested as this will only open Harapan to be condemned (let’s not fall into PN’s trap), unless, of course, the rallies turn unruly.

It is fair to say at this juncture that it’s safer for a verdict (as to the propriety of requesting for a DNAA) to be made on this case when the investigation has been completed by the relevant authorities (if they were truthful that they would proceed with further investigation).

Apanama is back: Save Malaysia Movement secretariat, you need to ask Zahid to resign from his DPM post while waiting for his trial to be over. Meanwhile, Umno’s deputy Mohamad Hasan should be DPM.

At least, the damage to the current administration will be lesser. Now people are still angry with the DNAA court decision, saying it is a hoax for the Madani government to talk about reforms. The people feel cheated, “Kena tipu.”

Damage control should be undertaken in actions, not words like saying the attorney-general is independent, he is adamant about settling the case, and so on.

We need to replace Zahid; he needs to go on leave pending his case’s disposal. Call for Zahid to be charged. This is a joke. A call for Zahid to resign would be a better one.

Citizen Saro: Your proposal (for Zahid to resign from his DPM post pending his case disposal) is the best option for Anwar that I have read so far. A solution for a problem. It does not suggest problems for a problem.

If this is not done, more will move to the opposing side or will abstain from voting in the next election.

But in the immediate context, this issue will be fodder now and in the future. The more the opposition makes “hay out of this sunshine episode”, the more the rakyat will be reminded of the disparity of Anwar’s promises for justice and to eradicate corruption.

Heartbreaker: All those who are against Zahid’s DNAA court decision should put aside their political differences and join in this rally today.

There is no point for the Harapan-BN supporters to cry out only in forums and social media but sit back in the comfort of their armchairs.

Let’s act and get the elephant out of the room and when it’s done, we can go our separate ways. Can we agree to it?

Fair Play: There is a time for everything. And, of course, there is a time for us to respect our Malaysia Day.

I am not surprised if those who show no respect for the national day and instead use the auspicious day to hold a national protest would be charged according to the law.

Home Minister says holding a rally on Sept 16 is disrespectful

Apa pun boleh: Protests and demonstrations on Malaysia Day are disrespectful to the people and those in Sabah and Sarawak who gained independence on this day.

It goes to show the true character of these racists and bigots who divide the people and spread hatred for others. How can we expect respect and expect decency from those that do not honour the constitution, Rukunegara, and our independence?

If the police do not lock up these leaders, there will be worse things to come from these trouble-causers.

Redman: Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said “The Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) is still in force; it must be complied with”.

The legislation claims parliamentary supremacy. The freedom of speech, assembly, and association under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution claims constitutional supremacy.

The honourable minister needs a gentle reminder that in Malaysia, the Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the law (Article 4).

Therefore, Mr Home Minister, we Malaysians claim and obey constitutional supremacy. That is Malaysian jurisprudence.

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