Five vigilante members have gone missing following a confrontation with bandits in Dogon Marke village, Safana Local Government Area (LGA), Katsina State.

The vigilantes were reportedly attempting to prevent the escape of the criminals during a military airstrike targeting the bandits’ camp.

The military airstrike, reported to have occurred around 7:30 pm yesterday in the Zakka, Yauni vicinity in Safana LGA, successfully targeted the bandits’ camp, resulting in the elimination of some criminals, destruction of their possessions, and causing chaos in the area.

Unfortunately, the disappearance of the five vigilante members occurred as they sought to block the escape routes of the terrorists.

“Our forces from the villages of Kantamawa, Yabbudu, Wurma, Kudewa and Danzangi have intercepted the escape routes of the terrorists and chased them back and wounded others.

“Unfortunately, Since then, we have not seen five members of our forces,” a source told the Daily Post.

The missing vigilante members have been identified as Rabe Yabbudu, Bala Mai Saida Lohe, Muhammadu Yabbudu, Musa Chogal, and Bala Na Rimi.