A family has been thrown into chaos in Nasarawa State due to the discovery by a housewife that her husband is engaging in an extramarital affair with her own mother.

The woman named Doris, revealed that her six-year-old son accidentally caught his grandmother and father engaging in abominable act.

When the housewie confronted her mum over the incident, she did not deny the alleged romance between her and her 46-year-old son-in-law.

Rather, she explained that she was in a relationship with the man before he got married to her daughter and it was the “best romance opportunity she had 20 years after she lost her husband.”

The housewife’s mother said: “My husband died about 20 years ago, and I never found another man of my dream until I met Joseph. He is a kind and generous gentleman. He is also very strong and very good in bed.

“He gave me the most satisfaction I ever had with a man in bed. Because of that, I did not want to lose his company, so I recommended him to you. I insisted that he must get married to you so you could have a taste of what he is made of.”

Distraught Doris, who narrated the incident to a close friend in a telephone chat said: “I met my husband through my mother in Lafia in 2018.”

“I liked him because he asks me out, opens the door for me, pours me drink, offers me his jacket, kisses me and says good night. So I need to be his wife all the days of my life.

“He is someone that can take me on for as long as I want. His s*xual prowess is not in doubt. But my mother is not allowing me to enjoy my man alone. How can my husband be sleeping with me and my mother? It is wrong, shameful and abominable. I am in distress and I don’t know how to handle the matter.

“It would have been better for my husband to get a girlfriend than sleep with me and my mum. It is very shameful and an abomination of the highest order. It is wrong of her and it will be very shameful if people get to know about it.”

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