Emerging stars shine in Ramadan TV series

by olenboase5918

This Ramadan season, the unexpected rise in viewership for series starring emerging actors in lead roles, as opposed to established stars who have long dominated the Ramadan drama scene, has taken audiences by surprise.

The series “Aala Nesbet Moshahda,” featuring Salma Abu Deif and Laila Ahmed Zaher, has not only achieved high viewership but has also been lauded on social media and talk shows, reflecting the audience’s favorable reception.

In a similar vein, “Masar Egbari,” with Ahmed Dash and Issam Omar in the lead, has enjoyed remarkable success. The level of acclaim these series have garnered is noteworthy, particularly given the competition from established stars with substantial followings. A closer look reveals that their success stems not only from the actors’ appeal but also from the careful curation of themes that resonate deeply with the audience, especially the youth.

For instance, “Aala Nesbet Moshahda” delves into the world of social media, exploring its transformation into a profession and the quest for fame and fortune—a pursuit increasingly common among the youth in the Arab region.

Conversely, “Masar Egbari” addresses the hurdles young people face in seeking self-fulfillment and job opportunities, a persistent issue. The series introduces innovative, youthful perspectives to tackle these challenges, mirroring the current youth zeitgeist.

The success of these series prompts speculation about whether it signals the emergence of a new artistic vanguard. We will explore the insights of prominent critics and experts on this development.

Audience Reaction Surpasses Expectations

Salma Abu Deif, leading actress of “Aala Nesbet Moshahda,” expresses her gratitude for the overwhelming response: “I am profoundly thankful for the audience’s warm and abundant reactions on social media and beyond. The feedback has surpassed all expectations, indicating that we’ve touched on a topic of significant relevance in contemporary life. The series scrutinizes the social media landscape and its pitfalls, which have led many astray, resulting in undesirable outcomes. I portray a modest girl from a middle-class family in the historic Al-Hattaba district of Egypt.”

“My foray into social media within the series starts serendipitously, following a disheartening proposal. My sisters Nesma and Amal offer comfort, culminating in a viral video capturing our moment together. Amidst our family’s financial struggles, I’m persuaded by others—excluding my family—to seek financial relief in this virtual realm.”

“The series, penned by Samar Taher and directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, showcases my encounters with various forms of harassment, witnessed by the audience. The cast includes Intisar as my mother, Mohamed Mahmoud as my father, Laila Zaher as my sister Nesma, Farah Youssef as my sister Amal, married to Islam Ibrahim, the esteemed Enam Salousa as my grandmother, and Ahmed Fahim as my uncle. We aspire to continue delighting viewers with the remaining episodes.”

Stories from Our Homes

Reflecting on the success of the series “Masar Egbari,” lead actor Essam Omar shared, “My focus wasn’t on competition but rather on delivering a series that resonates with the essence of Egyptian households, reflecting the realities and challenges faced by today’s youth. The realm of competition is naturally reserved for seasoned stars with a rich artistic legacy. I aimed to create a compelling series that garners a solid viewership. I believe that declaring any single series as the season’s best is subjective, as viewers’ preferences vary widely.”

“Our series ‘Masar Egbari’ comprises 15 episodes, which were still in development at the start of filming. Our extensive team includes luminaries such as Sabreen, Basma, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, and Ahmed Dash. The narrative unfolds with suspense, centered around a legal dilemma. The protagonists embark on a quest to unravel this mystery, which begins with the startling revelation that their father had a secret twenty-year marriage, resulting in a half-brother, Dash. They inherit not just wealth but also a perilous secret coveted by nefarious forces, placing them in constant jeopardy. The series mirrors the aspirations and tribulations of contemporary youth, as they navigate the quest for a prosperous and hopeful future.”

“In conclusion, I am immensely gratified by the audience’s warm reception and profoundly thankful for the celebration of our collective efforts and the extensive artistic collaboration that brought this project to life.”

Excellence in Youthful Portrayals

Critic Magda Khairallah observes: “This season has showcased remarkable performances by young actors, particularly evident in two series: ‘Masar Egbari’ featuring Issam Omar and Ahmed Dash, and ‘Aala Nesbet Moshahda’ starring Salma Abu Deif and Laila Zaher.”

“The compelling narratives of both series are primarily attributed to their excellent writing. They address topics that resonate deeply with the Egyptian populace, like the pervasive influence of social media. ‘Aala Nesbet Moshahda’ poignantly depicts the generational divide between parents and children, accentuating the perils of social media ignorance, which has led to tragic outcomes. The series provides a significant platform for young talent, allowing them to shine and earn acclaim for their performances.”

She added that Masar Egbari’ stands out for its unique storytelling and dedication to depicting the lives of working youth. It showcases their struggles and triumphs in various scenarios, such as Ahmed Dash’s entrepreneurial venture with a mobile sandwich cart, and Issam Omar’s pursuit of his European education dream despite academic setbacks. It’s heartening to see the industry offering opportunities to young actors, fostering a new generation of talent poised to become the stars of tomorrow.

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